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Turn every learning into an experience


Our experiences are available in VR

Our trainings and sensitizations are designed to be in VR in order to maximize the immersion.


Our experiences are multi-player

The majority of our experiences are and will be thought in a multiplayer mode to promote the exchange between players.


From PPT to experiences

Our experiences are gamified to make learning more digestible and promote information retention.


The more impactful it is, the more it is remembered

Impactful moments allow us to mark our users, helping them to better retain information

Examples of use cases

WWWatch targets companies to ensure sustainable growth. The objective is to offer ultra-gamified awareness or training to reinvent the way companies train and more globally, the way they learn.

Team Cohesion

Mathieu knows his team better since they escaped from killer drones.

The objective of this experience is to promote interaction between players in moments of stress to improve the team's cohesion.


Elodie spots phishing since she hacked the Pentagon.

The objective of this awareness is to put the users in the skin of a hacker so that they can understand in a gamified way the mechanics of phishing, of malware or ransomware.

Green IT

Alex turns off his computer at night since he saved the planet.

The objective of this awareness is to make people understand the carbon impact of IT by integrating them into an environment where they will have to save the world...

Waiting to test

Why join the community ?


Get paid to test our experiences and give us feedback.

All our experiments will first be offered to our NFT holders for testing and feedback. By doing this, our holders will earn $WACTH.


Propose experiences through our studio and get paid for it.

We will provide a studio that will allow everyone to build their own experiences and benefit from our business network to sell them. Also, if an improvement proposed in an existing experience is retained the holder in question will be paid in $WATCH, thus insuring the feedback's quality of the community.


Access to training, awareness of larger companies.

The biggest companies sometimes pay several thousand euros to transmit their knowledge to us so that we gamify it. Our holders will have free access to this knowledge.

$Watch token


A token backed by a real value.

Our concept is designed to continuously inject value back into the $WATCH.

Token $WWW

Road map

Phase 1
Creation of the first experience.

It is important for us to start with the product. We want to create a first experience that we can test with a panel of companies.

Escape Game - Astryd
Phase 2
Setting up our experiences in companies.

Once the product is ready, it is important to ensure that it meets business needs. We will test it with a group of companies to validate the fact that we are responding to a real problem.

Phase 3
Launch of the $WATCH token.

Once our product is validated by a set of companies, we can create the $WATCH token. By proceeding in this order, we create our token on a sound basis by ensuring that we bring liquidity into the WWWatch model.

Token $WWW
Phase 4
Launch of the creation economy.

The product is ready, the companies are ready, the token is ready. We can launch the economy creation phase by providing the community with our creation tools to scale the platform's content.

You want to become an investor ?

If you wish to obtain information about our private sale, please fill in the form.

Token $WWW


What will the NFT WWWatch be used for?

By owning an NFT from the WWWatch collection, you will be part of the community and will be able to get involved, enjoy the various benefits and earn $WATCH.

On which blockchain will wwwatch project be developed?

The project will be developed on the Elrond network (MultiversX). We believe in Elrond and we are confident that Beniamin Mincu will reinvent the uses of blockchain. Solidarity, originality and generosity are values we share with the Elrond community and that's why we chose this blockchain!

Is WWWatch intended for individuals or companies?

WWWatch is designed for individuals and companies. Individuals who have a WWWatch NFT will be able to test the experiences, give us feedback, propose experiences and receive $WATCH tokens in exchange. Companies will have access to the experiences already validated by the community and will be able to use them for their training, their awareness, their team building

How to earn $WATCH?

As the owner of NFT WWWatch, there are many ways to earn $WATCH. By testing different experiences and giving us feedback. By submitting experiments or assets to build certain experiments yourself

How to contact the team?

The best way to contact the team and get a quick response is from our Discord or Twitter.

Why did we launch WWWatch?

WWWatch is based on several observations we made while talking to different investment funds and companies. Gamification is one of the bricks that investors are most interested in. Companies find it difficult to capture the attention of their employees through traditional training and awareness programs. WWWatch offers companies a service that transforms boring content into an immersive and interactive experience, thus addressing this issue.